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We also have a very established Sunday School ministry. Managed by Rev Mala, upheld and supported by so many volunteers who offer their time, knowledge and are dedicated to sharing the Word of God to the many children that attend, globally.

The Sunday school is hosted for children as young as four up until the age of eighteen. With such a large variation in ages, the classes are split into appropriate age brackets and each age group is catered for by the volunteers. Each child is taught the importance of Prayer, the Bible and of the Trinity. Whilst teaching them about their faith and the beliefs we also teach our children the importance of obedience, respect and kindness.

The children have very interactive lessons and most often they will learn new songs, be engaged in dramatic performances of biblical stories, or through team activities – always learning about the Word of God. They are given weekly memory verses so that they learn to meditate on the Word as it was instructed in the Bible to do so.

During the summer camp, the children are given the opportunity to lead in a praise and worship with members of the main church.  At the end of the year, the children prepare and perform at the annual Christmas programme which allows for each child to join in with the seasonal festivities and it is such an encouraging and joyous event dedicated to showcasing the talents of the children.

We also offer two seminars for volunteers who chose to be teachers, where Reverend Mala trains new and volunteers on how to approach the children and what to teach them. This encourages the teachers to meet and discover new methods of teaching whilst being encouraged on the power of their ministry.

If you too would like to be part of our Sunday School – come and join, we would love to have you !

Or if you are considering being a part of this wonderful ministry- you are also more than welcome to join us too!

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