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As a Pentecostalist church, FCM is thought by its leadership to be a ministry under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and it is this theological orientation which is responsible for the prioritisation of its global outreach strategy.


Along with the expansion of our church congregation, we were also required to develop the organisational operations of the church. Alongside Bishop Antony and myself, there are fifteen other appointed pastors and their spouses.  As such, we have nearly 52 elders who help us share the gospel and evangelise. To help ensure that this extensive ministerial operation runs smoothly, and to help our ministers in their service, we run a monthly leadership council meeting. At this meeting, all leaders, new and old, get to meet and discuss the challenges that they may be facing and to ask any questions. A central focus of these meetings is the topic of how to be a good shepherd for the people. This is something which Bishop Anthony and I make a central priority. As such, we have a reliable team of leaders, and we are continually encouraging more people to serve; we offer them guidance on evangelism and in-depth teachings of how to be great leaders. These monthly meetings we can ensure that the teachings, the praise, and worship, along with other aspects taking place across all FCM churches are in line with the vison given by God to the church founders. Although FCM functions as several branches, through these meetings, the leaders, elders, deacons and assistant pastors that attend these meetings understand that although FCM functions as several branches, it is essentially one organisation, which is under the direction and guidance of God. These meetings also enable unity among all the different branches.

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