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Bishop G.A Antony

Born and raised as a youth in Puthukkudiyiruppu, Sri Lanka, Bishop Antony’s life took on an entirely new meaning when, in 1978, he surrendered his heart and life to Jesus Christ. In 1988, not long after the war in Sri Lanka, he moved – with his family – to Switzerland, before moving to London, in 1993, where he was called to minister the Gospel. His first ministry started off at home, with his devoted wife Mala, and later grew into a house of prayer with 20 members. Finally, with his burning desire to bring God’s word to all men, Bishop Antony established Faith Church Ministries with 100 members.

Bishop Antony is a spiritual leader – born to spread the word and love of Jesus Christ to his people. He is an evangelist, a teacher, a healing minister, and a gifted public speaker. He is known for his unshakable faith and deliverance of the Word to the people.

Having started the church in 1994, Bishop Antony, along with Mala and children, Deluxan and Devany, have continued to dedicate themselves to the Lord’s service.

Today – over 28 years later – Bishop Antony continues to work tirelessly, taking the message of God’s work, the love of Jesus, and the power of the Gospel around the globe, through the FCM web broadcast, FCM radio, healing services and conferences. in a selfless quest to show just how good God can be if we are faithful.

In addition to being the leader of an international church, he is a respected advisor and counselor for many leaders. Having the ability to preach the Word in a form that leaves a lasting impression on the audience he delivers to.

His voice is unique and profound and he has written many songs and released several albums as Visuvanaa Gaangal. Many of his songs are sung across the globe and many are touched by his songs.

Dr.Rev Mala Antony

From birth up until her marriage to Bishop Antony, Dr Nirmala was a Hindu. Born and raised in Jaffna, Sri Lanka she came from a family of many devoted Hindu’s. It was due to her marriage that this changed.

Born in Jaffna, Sri Lanka as a daughter of a teacher and a film creative. Dr Nirmala was a successful Science teacher in her home town and a devoted Hindu. After meeting Bishop Anton and their marriage, Dr Nirmala’s life changed.

Living in Sri Lanka during the time of the war, it was a fight for survival every day. It was during an instance like this, that on one dark night, as she sped on the back of a motorbike with her husband, riding away from raging fires and the dropping of shells – with tears streaming down her face as she ran for her life. As those tears streamed in the dead of the night, the moon shined in the sky that she heard her name being called. As she spun her head to see where the voice was coming from, she saw no one near. On the third call of her name, she realised that it was God who was calling out to her. In that one moment, she dedicated her life to Christ.

Her calling was unique and personal – God called out to her from the heavens and it was at this moment that Dr Mala’s life changed. She has dedicated her life to one of service for the Lord. Alongside her husband and children, she diligently focuses on the spreading the gospel to those who have been unreached. Her heart of compassion and kindness has won over many souls.

A supportive wife to Bishop Antony, loving mother of son, Deluxan and daughter, Devany, and a co-pastor of FCM; Reverend Mala is an inspiration and mentor to women everywhere. Having completed her Doctorate in Christian Theology at the University of Roehampton.

She is a profound speaker and has been a key note speaker in many global conferences. She also attends missions along with her husband, Bishop Antony. She is an author: her books have helped many people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. She also counsels many people- men, women and young adults.

Her passion, faith, and love for God, Jesus Christ, and people all around the world have led her along a unique path and she has seen God’s faithfulness to her on many occasions.


Dr Deluxan Antony

Son of Bishop Antony and Reverend Nirmala. Dr Paul Deluxan Anthonipillai has been a devoted Christian and has been on the pursuit to following Christ and the mission granted to his parents. In 1994, when the church began, Deluxan was the first keyboardist in the church, he attended all prayer meetings and services.

The Lord anointed his fingers with the ability to play music, he is a born leader and helps many with their passion in music whilst also building his successful career as a doctor.

He is also a youth leader. In this role, he advises many youngsters on how to tackle the problems that they are facing in life. He encourages open conversation between young people. He is a counsellor and takes on this aspect of his role seriously.

Devany Antony

Along with her brother and parents, Devany has also been a member of the family devoted to Christ. From being one of the first students in Sunday School to now being in the ministry of teaching.

She has a heart that is of service and is always willing to advise and support those in need. Her presence is often silent but brings comfort to those in need of company.

God has also blessed her with an angelic voice that is very soothing and calming. She uses it majestically in the choir and has done several solos in special meetings that have brought people deliverance or others have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit when she sings.

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